Covid steel supply woes have driven a cost reduction redesign for the FlexStor sleeve storage system.  The new system “FlexStor VII” is the seventh iteration of design improvements since the system was first developed in 2006 and provided to Flexo Transparent in Buffalo, NY.  Now CP Flexible packaging there are three systems, at that plant with a total sleeve storage capacity of approximatley 2100 sleeves.

As an added bonus, even though the existing FLEXSTOR system is the most space efficient sleeve storage system available, the newly designed, lower cost FLEXSTOR VII system, now allows for almost 20% additional capacity in the same floor space, that’s right storage for approximately 2500 sleeves.

This is due to the narrower rack designs afforded by the new system.  Our engineers have found that in most flexographic press operations, approximatley 50% of the sleeves are less than 22 inch (550 mm) repeat.  Therefore, dedicated, narrower, rack designs have been developed for all sleeves smaller in repeat than 22 inches (550 mm) repeat.  Rather than 6 racks per overhead rail bay, we can now install 7.  All new racks are retrofittable to existing FLEXSTOR installations.

The overhead rail system supports the individual racks on rollers to allow side to side motion allowing the aisle to be located where the operator wants to access the sleeves.  Unlike some competitive systems, FLEXSTOR does not use every fifth rack to support the overhead rail system. Rather FLEXSTOR has an independent support system that is infinetly expandable.  This means only one aisle is required for multiple bays.  For example, our largest installation, has an overall length of 86 feet (26 m) and shares 8 ft (2.5 m) of aisle over 7 support bays. The customer was thrilled at the floor space savings that this system has provided. The real estate saved was worth substantially more than the cost of the storage system.

Note, Flex Essentials Inc. also offers FLEXSTAND racks without the overhead rail support system. This allows customers that are starting with only a few sleeves, to use the same racks that are normally used in FLEXSTOR  and simply bolt them to the floor.  Once the sleeve inventory increases, these same racks, with the addition of wheels and the overhead rail system, can be converted to a full FLEXSTOR system. The new FLEXSTAND VII system uses the redesigned racks as FLEXSTOR VII  and therefore has the same new floor space savings advantages.


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