Sleeve Storage

Flexographic, Offset and Laminating Sleeve Storage Systems

Flexographic, Offset, Laminating Sleeve Storage

FLEXSTOR™ and FLEXSTAND Flexographic, Offset, Laminating sleeve storage system and sleeve storage carts are high quality and efficient storage systems for all sleeve types. With over 30 years of industry experience and supplying customers worldwide, we know that our sleeve storage system is the most efficient in the industry and is the best system to keep your sleeves well organized and protected from damage.

Our FLEXSTAND sleeve storage racking system is a static, expandable storage system, designed to hold multiple sleeves. Our print sleeve racks are made of high quality powder-coated steel. Depending on your requirements, each vertical sleeve storage system can safely store hundreds or thousands of sleeves, efficiently and conveniently without the concern of gravity reshaping them into unusable ovals as can occur with horizontal sleeve storage systems. Additionally, our FLEXSTAND sleeve storage system can be expanded and upgraded simply to a full FLEXSTOR™ sleeve storage system as your business grows.

We also offer a wide array of sleeve carts and press accessories to complement FLEXSTOR™ and FLEXSTAND that will provide operators with the necessary tools for efficiency and, at the same time, improve their safety. From sleeve cleaning carts, sleeve transport carts and air shaft carts, we can ensure your converting operation is fully equipped for sleeve material handling requirements.

If you’re interested in the FLEXSTOR™ or FLEXSTAND Flexo, Offset, Laminating sleeve storage system, sleeve storage carts or press accessories, or if you have inquiries about our products, request a quote and get started on the road to better sleeve organization and production efficiencies!

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