Jim Waslowski, President of Flex Essentials Inc., is pleased to announce the signing of printing machinery sales representatives Interpack Solutions for the territories of Mexico and Columbia. Interpack are specialists in the flexographic printing industry, representing flexographic printing press manufactureres and flexographic sleeve manufactureres. As a natural expansiion of their business they are now representing the FlexStor Sleeve Storage product line from Flex Essentials Inc.

FlexStor is the leading sleeve storage solution for flexographic printers, laminators, offset and gravure printer’s world wide.  The FlexStor sleeve storage sytem stores sleeves in a dynamic racking system that saves valueable floor space.  With over 120 systems installed in 22 different countries FlexStor is well known in the flexographic printing industry as the industry standard in sleeve storage solutions.

FlexStor Sleeve Storage Solutions are now represented in Belarus, Belgium, Estonia,  France, Germany, Latvia, Lithuania, Luxemberg, Mexico, Netherlands, Spain, and Turkey. United States and Canada are supported by Flex Essentials Head Office.  www.flexstorinc.com

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