Sleeve Cleaning Cart

NewScrubCart-320x257One of the most important aspects of any flexo printing process is clean lines, which is why we have created our innovative sleeve cleaning cart. Sometimes spot cleaning next to the press is just the right solution to a printing problem. This is why the FLEXCARTS sleeve cleaning cart is always a welcome addition to any printing press.

How the Flexo Sleeve Cleaning Cart Works

The FLEXCARTS sleeve cleaning cart allows a single sleeve to be placed over top of a stainless steel basin, so that the sleeve can be maneuvered and cleaned to ensure no spot is missed. The stainless steel basin is not only resistant to cleaning solutions so that it remains clean, but it also includes a drain so that dirty cleaning fluids can be safely drained into a pail. Our sleeve cleaning cart comes complete with two fixed, and two swivel casters, designed to allow the cart to turn on its own centre and effortlessly transport the cart to the dirty item. The stainless steel basin is easily removed for pressure washing or machine washing.

The flexo printing process is inherently dirty, with various inks being used within the printing process. Keeping up with the cleaning process of these parts can become overwhelming; sometimes a spot cleaning is all that is needed, which is where our sleeve cleaning cart comes in handy. It helps keep the flexo printing process running smoothly and printing a good clean print!