Air Shaft Cart

Airshaft_Cart_extracted-320x326The FLEXCARTA air shaft cart, distributed by Flex Essentials, is a useful addition to any flexo printing or converting workforce, designed specifically for the shape and weight of industrial sized air shafts. This air shaft cart is not only helpful in the transportation of air shafts from different locations within a workplace, but can be used for storage of spare air shafts or shaft sizes not currently in use.

The air shaft cart holds four six inch (150 mm), and four three inch (75 mm) diameter air shafts at a time as well as spare core chucks. Placed on lockable casters, the cart can easily transport up to eight air shafts at a time, while still keeping a natural center of gravity. This means you won’t have to worry about the cart tipping over or losing its balance. Many air shafts are unnecessarily heavy, and will put serious strain on the employee who attempts to lift and carry them one by one. The air shaft cart is made to avoid this problem, improving employee safety while moving air shafts.

The FLEXCARTA air shaft cart can also be used as a temporary storage unit for air shafts, or core chucks should they need to come off the production line. If shafts need to be brought to a rewinding station, taken off for replacement or repair, or simply moved for mechanical cleaning, this air shaft cart will serve you best. Contact us today and request a quote.